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Modeling a Service Architecture
Using SOMF - 2 Day Course

For organizations seeking to model their service offerings using the Service-Oriented Modeling Framework™ (SOMF™) as provided by Enterprise Architect.

Why Choose This Course?
The course caters to organizations looking for a framework in which to discover and define new services, refine/reuse existing ones, and in general manage a service portfolio.
The SOMF™ notation is very rich, offering a wide array of viewpoints through which the service offerings can be analyzed, (re-) architected or optimized. Without training it can be challenging to understand the many subtleties of the language, and to know which artifacts are best used for modeling a particular perspective.
Course Overview
Modeling a Service Architecture Using SOMF™ covers the notation proposed by Michael Bell in his seminal books Service-Oriented Modeling - Service Analysis, Design and Architecture and Modeling Patterns for Service-Oriented Discovery and Analysis.

The technology neutral representation of services specified by SOMF™, which does not assume a Web Service (SOA) based implementation, provides a formal method of defining services through may different viewpoints (conceptual, analysis, design and architecture), along with a set of disciplines to guide the modeler in his/her practice. The resulting set of models offers an inclusive view of the service offerings to each of the constituencies involved in their definition and realization.

Please note that this training does NOT cover the process related aspects of the book, for example the extensive guidelines for service discovery, but instead focuses on the modeling facets, including meta-model concepts, notation, guidelines and tool usage. Reading the books is not a prerequisite for the course, but is nonetheless highly recommended!
Who Should Attend?
Business/system analysts, architects and designers seeking to exploit a comprehensive notation for modeling a service portfolio, regardless of the implementation technology used to realize the services.
What Will You Learn?
Course Highlights for 2-Day Class
EA Introduction Module
"Introduction to Enterprise Architect"

            User Interface

            Managing Projects

            Managing Diagrams

            Tool Configuration
SOMF Module
"SOMF Notation"
            Software Assets
            Service Categorization and Lifecycle
            Service-Oriented Modeling Disciplines
            Service-Oriented Conceptual Analysis
            Service-Oriented Structual Analysis
            Business Integration
                  Contextual Perspectives
                  Structural Perspectives
            Service-Oriented Logical Design
                  Logical Design Relationship
                  Logical Design Composition
                  Service Transaction
            Conceptual Architecture
            Asset Utilization
            Transaction Directory
Core Features Module
"Core Tool Features"
            Generating Documentation
            Searching the Repository
            Managing Baselines and Comparing Models
            Document Artifacts
This course helps students document their service portfolio through a set of related models that are of value to a wide range of audiences: business stakeholders, analysts, architects and developers. These models can then be mapped downstream to lower level analysis and design artifacts, as well as upward into the business architecture, opening the way for complete end-to-end traceability between the service requirements as expressed by the business, and the service implementations provided by IT.
Course Syllabus
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